Everyone has a story!

Some say that Australia is a nation of immigrants; people arriving here with little luggage but with huge dreams and aspirations…arriving here with a strong desire to take an active role in nation building as citizens, workers, parents, students, neighbours….

Australia’s story is one of great cultural diversity and at JM&A, we work with government, community and business to find ways to make cultural diversity a driver for social cohesion and innovative business practices.

So, what’s your story? Do you provide culturally appropriate services? Do your strategies reach everyone? Do you want to broaden your cultural understanding? Your client base?

Our Team

Judith Miralles
Judith established Judith Miralles & Associates (JM&A) to work with government, community and business to find ways to make cultural diversity a driver for civic vigour, social cohesion and innovative Read More
Beatriz Miralles-Lombardo
Managing Director
Beatriz has over 10 years’ experience in the research field where she has worked in both the social and marketing research space. This diverse work experience has given her a Read More
Ric Lombardo
Ric Lombardo is a director at Judith Miralles and Associates (JM&A). He is responsible for all data description, presentation and analysis conducted by JM&A for its clients. A primary example Read More
Carolina Bouten-Pinto
Carolina Bouten-Pinto is passionate about enabling people to work effectively with cultural diversity. She has over 25 years combined experience as a manager and cultural diversity consultant in the private, Read More
Jane O’Grady
Education and Content Development Consultant
Jane O’Grady is the newest member of the JM&A team. Jane has spent her adult life in a permanent state of cultural curiosity, having lived in Germany and Italy for Read More
Dr Hung The Nguyen
Medical and educational associate
Hung is a general practitioner in multicultural Glen Waverley who has extensive clinical and teaching experience in cross-cultural medicine notably in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in urban, rural Read More
Wadea Katrib
Sales and Marketing

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