Ric Lombardo


Ric Lombardo is a director at Judith Miralles and Associates (JM&A). He is responsible for all data description, presentation and analysis conducted by JM&A for its clients. A primary example of such activity relates to his responsibility for the construction and ongoing maintenance of all data tables used in JM&A’s online CultureMate® product.


The aforementioned data reported in CultureMate® product is sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and evidences Ric’ proficiency in the use of ABS statistical extraction tools such as Tablebuilder.


Prior to taking up his current role at JM&A, Ric worked as a career academic firstly at Monash University (1973-75) and subsequently at RMIT University (1977-2012). In between these two periods he also worked as a transport economist at the Commonwealth Bureau of Roads.

Apart from the publications listed in the adjacent column Ric has taught as well as developed, subjects across a diverse range of areas.